Friday, May 26, 2006

Raul's yellow card

The Real Madrid star faced the wrath of Spain coach Luis Aragones after turning up to a get-together in a yellow surf-style t-shirt.

Aragones, who follows the religion of kabbalah, believes the colour is bad news, despite the fact it makes up half of the Spanish flag.

The incident at the Las Rozas ground was reported by the El Pais newspaper, under the headline "Raul, with the forbidden colour".

The article read: "Apparently Raul does not know, or else is not worried, about the fact that yellow is an object of vexation to his coach.

"Luis Aragones, who practises kabbalah, considers it a colour which brings bad luck."

The paper said Aragones shouted to the player: "Raul, take it off, take it off!" as soon as he spotted him.

El Pais claims the manager's fear of yellow is so strong that he once ordered a set of training cones in the offending shade to be replaced with red ones.

Spain are in line to play Brazil in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Could be interesting.


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